Meet the Owner of Continental Hair Illusions

Meet Zofia

When you visit Continental Hair Illusions, the first person you’ll get to know will likely be Zofia. As the owner of our salon, she personally ensures that every client gets whatever he or she needs to be happy with his or her hair. She’s not a hands-off owner; she’s a stylist and color expert who works on the floor, behind the chair, with the rest of the team to deliver results firsthand. When you’re a client of our salon, you can always check in with Zofia to ask questions or make a change. She’s here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Each consultation and personalized hair program gets her personal input, and she drives the culture of the salon every day.

Zofia’s Background

Zofia Burbano first joined the Continental Hair Illusions family 25 years ago. When founder William Cacmpagnollo saw potential to help women facing hair loss, he brought Zofia aboard to lead the salon into the yet-to-be-explored world of hair solutions specifically for women. Today Zofia leads the team in every way and is proud to offer her clients the same high-quality options they’d find in bigger cities like New York and Chicago – and some they couldn’t even find there!

Practice makes perfect hair.

Zofia received her education in Europe, where she completed degrees in teaching and cosmetology. Her training involved over 6000 hours of in-salon practice. She is an expert in hair color and perms, and she maintains certification in numerous International color platforms. She constantly pursues ongoing education to stay on the cutting edge of style and innovation.

Driven to Create

Even though Zofia was interested in hair loss throughout her formal training, she didn’t really pursue it specifically until she joined William at Continental. She loved working with hair but found that she loved creating even more. Any stylist can create a great style or appearance from perfect hair, but achieving the impossible after hair loss requires a lot more talent and technique. Zofia’s career took a turn to focus on hair loss when she realized this work could be far more fulfilling than everyday salon styling.

Devoted to Empowerment

Zofia has been working with hair her whole life. She loves helping men, women, and children get through the process of hair loss. She’s great at creating natural-looking styles that are even better than her clients could envision. For Zofia, nothing is better than being able to help a young girl transition from total hair loss to the perfect hair system – one that lets her swim or do anything else she wants with a smile on her face. At Continental Hair Illusions, our services empower our clients to feel confident and to recreate their amazing style day after day.

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  • At age 35
 I never went to baseball games or concerts. I did not want to sit in the bleachers and have somebody look over my head. I avoided cameras. I tried many products for hair loss without any results. I used to be so self-conscious and embarrassed. Now I feel confident! I love it!


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