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At Continental Illusions, our only goal is your complete happiness. If you’ve ever been to another salon that offers options for reversing hair loss, you’ll be in for a surprise when you visit us. We’re not an assembly line, and we don’t just churn out the same systems over and over again. Your voice will be heard because our solutions are built around your hair and the results you want. You can come in any time. We’re happy to start from scratch or to take over from a salon that wasn’t making you happy. You’ll never regret making the call.

Laser Hair Therapy

It can sound and look intimidating, but laser therapy is one of the most natural and powerful ways to fight male pattern baldness. Before recommending laser therapy, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether you’re a good candidate and define the results we hope to see. If you are a good candidate, laser therapy can encourage new hair growth and prevent the harmful effects of DHT. Though it does require commitment, laser hair therapy causes no pain or physical discomfort.

Hair Loss Prevention

Some hair studios and salons overlook hair loss prevention. They’ll replace your hair, but they won’t help you keep it. We think that’s the wrong approach. Since we’re in the business of restoring men’s happiness with their hair, our greatest success is often to help stop or slow down hair loss. If your hair is thinning, schedule a consultation right away. Early action will give you the best chance of protecting your natural hair.


Most men’s first concern is natural looking hair, and we understand that realism is non-negotiable. Cyberhair is one of the ways we deliver completely natural looking and convincing results that no one can detect. This manmade advancement in synthetic hair replicates all the natural characteristics of growing hair, but is lighter, stronger, and more durable than even the real thing.

Polygraft Hair Graft and XTS

The Polygraft and XTS systems allow us to add as much hair as needed, in any pattern, anywhere on the scalp. They’re so flexible that either human or synthetic hair can be used, depending on your own preferences. These durable options are worn 24-7 and can’t even be detected if someone touches your hair. They deliver all the benefits of surgical hair restoration without the pain, cost, or recovery time.

Illusion Lace System

The unique Illusion Lace System, developed specifically for our salon, combines the comfort of lace-based hair systems with the flexibility and realism of new and innovative hair additions. Since every client’s hair program is unique, this lace system allows us to create a completely custom hairline and the perfect amount of coverage. It uses 100% real human hair and can fit perfectly for any size and shape of hair loss. The result is a completely convincing illusion of full, healthy, growing hair.

Illusion Skin System

Our exclusive Illusion Skin System allows us to add 100% natural real human hair in amongst your existing hair to hide areas of thinning or baldness. The low-maintenance thin skin system, similar to some of our other solutions, works 24 hours a day to provide complete confidence in any situation.

Enhanced Shampoos and Vitamins (dhtSENSOR)

Your hair loss happens outside of our salon, and your prevention efforts should too. We offer a comprehensive line of shampoos and topical applications to reinforce your hair loss prevention efforts and improve the health of your hair and scalp. These specially formulated products are like an affordable insurance plan for your other hair loss solutions.

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  • At age 57 
I am an actor and I was cast as a nice old man, the bald guy. I deserve to be the best that I can be, not that old guy. It's never too late! I love my full natural hair.

    George M.

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