Have you been thinking that you can’t have great hair because you’ve lost too much? With Cyberhair, we can customize a solution to the exact contours of your head. It will match the direction of your hair growth. It can’t come off, even when you’re swimming, and you can treat it just like your normal hair. Since it’s perfectly matched to your natural color and texture, you might not be able to tell the difference between the strands of Cyberhair and your natural growing hair.

As Custom as it Gets

Cyberhair represents everything that’s great about modern hair solutions for men. It’s an instant option guaranteed to deliver results, and every aspect of your new hair is designed just for you. Your input determines your hairline, the density of coverage, and even the speed at which we deliver your results. It’s easy to create an instant transformation in just one visit, but not everyone wants the change to be that drastic. Cyberhair gives you complete control over your hair loss.

Made to be Amazing

  • Cyberhair holds its color and has style memory.
  • It’s lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than real hair.
  • It’s engineered for an active lifestyle.
  • It looks totally natural, wet or dry.

cyberhair sid

Cyberhair was introduced in 1995 and has been improving ever since. It’s not just some textile made to take the place of hair. It’s a scientifically engineered material designed to exacting specifications to look, act, and feel indistinguishable from growing human hair. Even the moisture content has been precisely planned to minimize frizz but flow just like your hair while you’re swimming.

Cyberhair at Continental Illusions

Cyberhair is a great option, but only a skilled and trained stylist can make the most of its potential. If you find a bad review of Cyberhair, what you’ve really found is a negative review of a stylist or salon. At Continental Illusions, we take the risk out of fighting hair loss. Each client’s program is uniquely designed for that individual, and only they get to decide what success means to them. If you’re not happy, we have more work to do.

Ready to get started?

Let’s work toward a unique, personalized solution to your hair loss! Call Continental Hair Illusions at 201.437.7393, or fill out our contact form below, and we’ll start you out with a free consultation to get you on track to new hair you’re sure to love.

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  • At age 23 
although I love him, I did not want to look like my dad. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thank you.

    James S.

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