Illusion Skin System

Like the Illusion Lace system, the Illusion Skin System was developed just for our team at Continental Hair Illusions. It incorporates the same untreated, 100% natural human hair options. The difference is in its application. With this option, we can create lifelike density, a perfectly natural hairline, and as subtle or dramatic a change as you could want. Each strand of hair is added individually to the system to ensure it moves naturally along with or just like your natural hair.

A Custom System

The Illusion Skin System allows us to add hair all over the scalp or just in sections. Every element is completely customized, and hair is carefully placed so that it flows from the scalp just like growing hair. Like all of our single-session solutions, the results of our Illusion Skin System are both guaranteed and affordable. You can walk into our salon with any degree of hair loss and walk out the same day with a full head of lush, perfectly styled hair.

Style that Goes On and On

We don’t stop with adding hair. If we did, you might still be happy, but our goal is to send you out the door looking great, and with the tools to recreate your ideal look. We offer a full range of style and maintenance services, and many of our clients have been with us for years or even decades. Our stylists receive ongoing training for as long as they are working with us, and our membership in Transitions Group gives every member of our team access to revolutionary new techniques and products.

Permanent Results

Though our non-invasive hair additions do require some upkeep, they’re incredibly easy to maintain. Our greatest moment isn’t when you walk out of our salon smiling – it’s when you walk back in smiling and ecstatic about how your new hair is performing. If there’s ever anything we can do to improve your experience before, during, or after our work on your hair, we’ll be here for you. You’ll never need another resource to give you great hair.

Ready to get started?

Let’s work toward a unique, personalized solution to your hair loss! Call Continental Hair Illusions at 201.437.7393, or fill out our contact form below, and we’ll start you out with a free consultation to get you on track to new hair you’re sure to love.

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  • At age 33 I felt part of my confidence left with each hair I lost. I realized that my hair loss dated me. I chose to live my life with hair. After having Sensi-Graft hair restoration done, I feel I can go out and conquer the world. I feel more energetic and out going. Sensi-Graft is happening!


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